The Middletown Chapter is an undergraduate branch of the self-governing coeducational literary society Alpha Delta Phi based on the campus of Wesleyan University. The Alpha Delta Phi society consists of multiple chapters, several affiliates, and an alumni association of nearly 1,200 members throughout the United States and the world. Members of ΑΔΦ strive to cultivate within themselves a spirit of trust, caring, commitment, and respect for their siblings, and the organization is dedicated to cultivating character, scholarship, and enduring friendships. Our strong history of literary tradition, especially as achieved through the Adelphic Educational Fund, fosters life-long intellectual growth and achievement among our members.

Mission Statement:

In order to forge positive relationships between members, students, faculty, staff, the Wesleyan campus, and the Middletown community at large, the self-governing Middletown Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society dedicates its resources to providing a safe, open, respectful, intellectual, and positive environment; promotes academic excellence, curiosity, and celebration of the arts; and strives to represent all niches of Wesleyan’s student body.