Our Chapter’s Policy on Co-Education

Agreed upon by the membership via consensus on April 25th, 1990:

Alpha Delta Phi Middletown…

  1. …is committed to co-education and the existence of fraternal organizations.
  2. …strongly advocates the co-education of individual chapters on a voluntary basis.
  3. …strongly advocates that both male and female members of co-educational
    chapters should be allowed full and equal membership in their
    International/National organizations.
  4. …does not support measures to force unwilling chapters to co-educate.
  5. …does not support unjust economic or housing privileges for single-sex
    chapters on co-ed campuses.
  6. …supports all fraternal organizations in their efforts to work actively
    towards the ending of discrimination on the basis of gender, race, sexual
    orientation, religion, color, handicap, national or ethnic origin, or age.