The Adelphic Educational Fund

The Adelphic Educational Fund (AEF) was founded in December 1944 by G.W. Davison and Albert Johnston, alumni of the Middletown Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi and Wesleyan University, who wished to establish a foundation to assist educational activities at Wesleyan in general and at the Middletown chapter of Alpha Delt in particular. The formal purposes of the Fund were summarized in its Articles of Association:

  • to promote the work of Wesleyan University in the development of intellectual and moral integrity among its students
  • to assist needy and deserving students at Wesleyan to complete their education
  • to promote literary and scientific education and the development of character and the responsibilities of good citizenship among the students of Wesleyan
  • to provide educational facilities for students at Wesleyan
  • in promotion of the above goals, to give preference to those students who are members of the Middletown Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity

Since the early days of Alpha Delta Phi, the Chapter has conducted an independent program of lectures, concerts, and other educational activities both for our own benefit and enjoyment as well as for the general edification of the Wesleyan community. These endeavors are supported by the Adelphic Educational Fund.