AEF Event Funding

The Middletown Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society used the Adelphic Educational Fund (AEF) to plan and sponsor educational events for the campus community.

There are a number of restrictions on these funds because of the AEF’s non-profit status; the basics are that AEF events must be free to the public and educational (as in, not purely social). AEF funds may not be used to purchase alcohol, and all events sponsored in whole or in part by the AEF must note in all their advertising that the Adelphic Educational Fund is a sponsor. In an effort to secure the future of AEF sponsorship of events at Wesleyan, the Chapter collects copies of all flyers, programs, newspaper articles, and other informational materials pertinent to those events to document what Fund sponsors each year. You should be prepared to collect those items for the AEF as a term of sponsorship.

Please know, we try our best to sponsor as many events on campus as we can each year, but our funds are not limitless. We look forward to discussing your event with you and determining whether AEF sponsorship is appropriate.

If you wish to learn more about AEF sponsorship or request funding, please reach out to the AEF Events Committee Chair, E. Jenny K. Flanagan (ejennyk {at}