AEF Grants-In-Aid

During the fall semester of each academic year, the Adelphic Educational Fund awards grants-in-aid to students at Wesleyan University. You can download the application form below:

Completing the Application

  • All applicants for grants-in-aid are required to submit this form filled out in duplicate.
  • A typed application is preferred; you may type directly into the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Use supplemental sheets where there is insufficient space on the form.
  • Applicants seeking the special preference granted to members of the Middletown Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society must complete Part II of the form.
  • Applications should be submitted not later than October 15 of the college year for which aid is requested. No aid should be requested to meet expenses beyond those for the current year at Wesleyan.
  • A member of the Scholarship Committee will interview each applicant.