Contact Info

By phone: You canĀ try calling the house phone at (860) 685-5077; if it’s during meal times, someone may pick up!

By email: If you want to send a message to the entire undergraduate membership, address your email to (This is a moderated list; outside messages will be reviewed before transmission to the entire membership.)For individual students, try the Wesleyan University Student/Employee Directory.

If you have problems or ideas related to the website, you may contact the undergraduate webmaster.

By snail mail: You can always send mail care of the House itself:

ADP Sibling
Alpha Delta Phi
185 High Street
Middletown, CT 06457

You can send mail to an individual Alpha Delt via Wesleyan Station at the following address:

ADP Sibling
Alpha Delta Phi
45 Wyllys Avenue
Middletown, CT 06459

NB: Sending mail through Wes Station tends to be received 1-2 days later than normal mail. Mail sent directly to the house address also goes through Wes Station (except most boxes, larger things, FedEx and UPS, which tend to go straight to the house).